The International Symposium on Inorganic and Environmental Materials 2013 (ISIEM 2013) will be held at the University of Rennes 1 in France from October 27 (Sunday) – 31 (Thursday), 2013.

This international conference is organized by the Society of Inorganic Materials, Japan (SIMJ) and University of Rennes 1, France (UR1).

In 2004, SIMJ organized ISIEM 2004 with the Dutch Ceramic Society (Nederlandse Keramische Vereniging/NKV) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. That conference was a success, drawing about 250 participants. ISIEM 2013 is a successor of ISIEM 2004.

We will organize the symposium where the newest research and technologies on inorganic materials related to our theme of “gypsum, lime, cement, and the global environment” will be brought forth and discussed. We also hope that this event will draw participants from many countries, and that it will provide an opportunity for researchers in the fields of inorganic and environmental materials, and nano-materials to gather under one roof and deepen their understanding. We sincerely hope you will attend ISIEM-2013.

The official language of this conference is English. We look forward to seeing you in Rennes, France.


Poster Award

A poster award contest will be organized during the symposium to prize the best poster presented at ISIEM 2013. To participate to the contest, applicants should be no more than 35 years old at the moment of the conference and declare their intention to participate in the "Comment" textfield when submitting their abstract.



General Chair:         Kiyoshi ITATANI (Sophia Univ.)

Executive Committee:

Co-chair:         Kazuyuki Kakegawa (Chiba Univ.)

    Fabien Grasset (ISCR, Univ. Rennes 1)

Supported by:          

    Australian Ceramic Society

    Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France (CNRS)

    Dutch Ceramic Society

    Gypsum Board Association, Japan

    Groupe Français de la Céramique

    Japanese Association of Inorganic Phosphorus Chemistry

    Japan Cement Association

    Japan Lime Association

    Japan Plaster of Paris Industrial Association

    Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy

    National Institute for Materials Science, Japan (NIMS)

    Slovak Silicate Society

    The Ceramic Society of Japan

    The Chemical Society of Japan

    The Technical Association of Refractories, Japan

    The JSPS 124th Committee on Advanced Ceramics



Webmaster:              François Cheviré (ISCR, Univ. Rennes 1)

In addition, the 3rd University of Rennes 1-NIMS workshop on advanced materials will be held as well in the same location.


Download the ISIEM 2013 circular here


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